Mission Statement

To strengthen the bond of the relationship between canines and humans through example and education. To be there for those dogs for whom all hope appears lost.


We here at Tundra Spirits are a group of dedicated volunteers who are committed to improving the quality of life for abused/abandoned Siberian Huskies in our community. We have established a network of knowledgeable, caring individuals who can provide transport a nd foster care for those unfortunate Huskies needing a new lease on life. We are pleased to work with other breed rescue groups because we believe that only a unified effort will put an end to animal abuse and abandonment in our communities. Even though we are a breed-specific rescue, our efforts are directed on a case-by-case basis.

Help-a -Husky Programs

Our unique programs allow individual volunteers to assist rescue efforts in many ways. We realize that not everyone can foster a rescue; thereforevolunteers can use their skills in one of our many ongoing programs that best suit them. For an overview of current and future programs please check out the Help-a-Husky Program page . Please consider giving a deserving Siberian Husky a chance at a better life and loving home by sharing a personal or professional skill you have with us. We can provide the training for volunteers to staff our information booth or table at local public functions, to conduct home checks or show off the abilities of our latest rescue for potential adopters.

Our Members

Our members are all dedicated sibe-folks! Several are recreational mushers, trainers, behaviorists or professional care-givers. We have many years of combined experience in working with and caring for the breed. We are always happy to provide advice and hands-on assistance to sincere Siberian owners. Although most of us have full-time employment we believe that our rescue efforts are rewarded by the goodwill generated by happy, healthy huskies and their responsible human companions. We all agree that responsible stewardship is the key to a lifelong positive relationship between a human and their canine companion. And we welcome those who feel the same and are willing to work to achieve that bond regardless of the breed involved.